Awesome recycling

Ever wondered how to recycle crisp packets, Pringles tubes or contact lens cases? Check out our recycling point in-store which will help you to re-cycle things that normally go to landfill? Plus there’s an added bonus, for every kilo of waste we recycle through the Barry Terracycle Scheme, a local charity will receive a donation #winwin

Which items do you recycle?

We currently recycle the following items in-store at, Barry’s zero waste shop. 74 Holton Road, Barry CF63 4HE

  • Crisp packets: including the outer wrapper of multipacks, any brand. Please make sure they’re empty, bonus points if you flatten them and place them all inside a multipack bag.
  • Dental products: any brand of plastic toothbrushes, toothbrush packaging, toothpaste tubes and caps, toothpaste tube cartons, electric or battery powered toothbrush heads, dental floss containers and outer packaging.
  • Pringles tubes: including the seal and plastic lid, other brands not accepted sorry.
  • Milk bottle tops: plastic milk bottle tops, these are recycled by Barry Rotary Club to fundraise to provide Polio vaccinations.
  • Tassimo coffee pods: including the outer wrapper of multipacks, no other brands accepted sorry, please see below for options.
  • Kenco jar lids: just the lid, please recycle the glass jar in your kerbside recycling.
  • Baby food pouches: including any brand of baby food pouches and Ella’s Kitchen branded snack wrappers: please make sure all excess product has been removed and lids replaced.
  • Bicycle inner tubes: these are sent to Cycle of Good to be turned into ethical quality goods handcrafted in Malawi using recycled materials such as used old bicycle inner tubes, coffee sacks and surplus lorry curtain saved from UK landfill. We sell their wallets, purses, wash bags and shoulder bags in-store.
  • Flexible cleaning packaging: dishwashing, cleaning and fragrance flexible packaging including cleaning product refill pouches, stain remover powder pouches, household wipes pouches, dishwashing tablet pouches, dishwashing salt bags.
  • Contact lenses: any brand of soft contact lenses and blister packs, not the cases that you keep your lenses in overnight.
  • Biscuit, cracker and cake bar wrappers: any brand, including multipack wrappers.
  • Disposable gloves: any brand of latex, nitrile, polyethylene or vinyl gloves.

Recycling FAQ

How do I recycle my items?
Just pop to the back of the store and you will find the recycling zone, simply pop your items into the correct sorting bin.

What should I do with items that aren’t part of the Terracycle scheme at
There are other local recycling options in Barry that you can use, check out our handy list for options

  • Aluminium cans: kerbside recycling.
  • Bread bags, carrier bags and other stretchy plastic bags: these can be deposited in the carrier bag recycling section at most large supermarkets. Remember to ensure your plastic is clean and free from food debris otherwise the whole batch of plastic recycling may be rejected as contaminated.
  • Carrier bags: see ‘bread bags’ above.
  • Coffee pods: Tassimo pods can go into our Terracycle bin in-store. Nespresso pods can be recycled though their post bag scheme. Other coffee pods will have to go into your black bin bag.
  • Fruit and veg bags: see ‘bread bags’ above.

Do you know of any other recycling schemes in Barry? Let us know by emailing or get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.