Vivani, Cappuccino Milk and White Chocolate Bar, 100g


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Vivani, Cappuccino Milk and White Chocolate Bar, 100g

A melt-in-the-mouth chocolate in a two-tier composition of creamy white and milk chocolate, refined with the best Italian espresso coffee.


Raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*°, whole milk powder*, cocoa mass*°, cream powder*, coffee* 2,4 %, skimmed milk powder*, whey powder*, bourbon vanilla extract*

About Vivani Chocolate

Since 2000 we have been living out our dream of producing high-quality chocolates. What once began as a small business has now grown into a globally renowned brand, a brand that stands for sustainability and artistic pleasure in 50 countries across the world. As different as cultures, languages and preferences may be, the desire for chocolate is a constant denominator that unites connoisseurs from all over the world. is a Zero Waste Supermarket