Sencha Green Loose Leaf Tea 50g


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Sencha Green Tea 50g

Loose Leaf Sencha is the most popular type of Japanese green tea. Both green tea and black tea come from the Camelia! The difference being green tea is steamed immediately to prevent fermentation.

This Loose Leaf Sencha Green Tea produces a lemony yellow infusion with a sweet and light juicy flavour.

Unlike black tea, green tea should not be made with boiling water, use water just off the boil (80°C) and it should only be steeped for 2-5 minutes to avoid an overly bitter taste. Enjoy without milk, sweeten if required. is a Zero Waste Supermarket

Please note: As a zero waste supermarket, all online orders for loose wholefoods are packaged in compostable paper bags, please transfer to your own jar or container once you receive them to retain freshness.


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