Red lentils, dried 500g


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Dried, Red Lentils

The cheapest and most common of the lentil family, the red lentil is often found left languishing in the back of your food cupboard following a half-hearted new year detox, but keep reading for some inspiration on how to use those tiny red beauties to make some sumptuous dishes.

How to cook red lentils

Red lentils cook down into a thick, comforting mush when you cook them. No soaking or pre-cooking required. Simply add them to your recipe with plenty of liquid or stock and you’ll have a bowl of yumminess in under 20 minutes.

Red lentil recipes

Paired with an onion and some garlic and warming spices for a simple dahl, or tossed into a lamb dhansak, lentils really lend themselves to spiced dishes.

You have to try Feed Me Phoebe’s Red lentil and spinach masala, which she describes as “Just the kind of stick-to-your ribs without clogging your heart comfort food that I love” is a Zero Waste Supermarket

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