Almond Hazelnut Truffle Bar, Vegan, Hadleigh Maid 70g


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Almond Hazelnut Truffle Bar, Vegan, Hadleigh Maid 70g

Hadleigh maid’s creation of a vegan friendly premium dark chocolate almond nut butter truffle & whole hazelnut 4 piece chunky 70g snack bar packed into a plastic free card sleeve. the bar contains over 24% pure almond butter truffle which is sandwiched between a chocolate top and bottom layer and each of it—s 4 chunks contain a whole hazelnut and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Made with a smooth, rich, dark chocolate containing 53% cocoa solids minimum providing a well rounded subtle chocolate taste without the bitterness of high cocoa content dark chocolate. the combination of truffle and chocolate really comes close to tasting like a milk chocolate praline bar as the truffle provides a rich creaminess to reduce the bitterness further. but it will still really appeal to dark chocolate lovers as it is packed full of those strong chocolate flavour notes they love. the card packaging is plastic free so fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. is a Zero Waste Supermarket